Hello! My name is Jacob. I'm an entrepreneur from San Francisco, California. I’m passionate about creating and developing international products including web services, mobile apps, and games. I love working with smart people that want to make an impact on the world.

As an engineer, I have experience coding with JavaScript, Java, C#, Kotlin, Swift, C/C++, Objective C, and Ruby, as well as working with several different platforms and technologies. I have also developed and bootstrapped over 50 apps in the last 10 years, which include Office Story and GlowPuzzle, that have a combined total of over 10 million downloads from mobile app stores.

Currently, I'm a founder at Glowbom. We are building a no-code mobile app builder that allows you to create apps on mobile. Learn more about my startup experience on my Angel List page.

In the future, I plan to develop new international products to help people solve their problems and to entertain future generations to come.

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San Francisco, CA